I am a wiccan witch with a faerie slant. I adore the world of faeries, mermaids, witches and goddesses, but I keep it on the low as I am a serious university student. I have been on the witchy path for around 7 years now, and I believe that it the right path for me. I chose the name Faeriedaughter for this site as this is how I see myself – one night in prayer to the goddess, I realised that my interest and belief in faeries and faerie gods and goddesses made me her Faerie Daughter. It is not my magical name – that personal name still eludes me!Belief in faeries is still seen as a bit kooky, but no matter as I believe that the world is changing for the better – people are more and more interested in going green, eco-friendliness is cool, and the world is becoming more and more open to alternative forms of spirituality.

Faerie believers, I know you are out there!