The most awesome site and company in the world is fairylove. They are in the links section if you would like a browse. It is run by these two lovely people, Shelly and Jason.

Shelly and Jason Fairy

I hope they don’t mine me posting their picture on my site. They make fairywings for a living, but not just any fairy wings. The most AWESOME fairy wings imaginable. Ever since I saw their stall at Strawberry Fair all those years ago, I have lusted for a pair yet, being a poor lowly student, cannot cobble together the funds I would need for such a purchase, or battle my sober money mind that it is worth the £80 for a pair of fantastic fairy wings. So, inspired by their wing-making workshops, I have decided that it is my summer mission to make myself a pair of wings. I saw goth-violinist Emilie Autumn make a pair of wings and I am going to copy her method, only in pink and turquoise. I feel deep, powerful bright pink is the colour of the goddess, and I could wear them in ritual, bringing the faeries to my craft. And in the woods and at parties. Of course, if there are candles about, I’d have to be careful when I turn around.

So watch this space! I may be a budding faerie wing artist!