Recently I bought “Priestess of Avalon – Priestess of the Goddess” by Kathy Jones, and it got me thinking. I was not sure about it during the first few chapters, but then I read her beautiful chapter on her Creation Myth of Avalon, and everything I had read in the book clicked into place. I am not saying I want to be an Avalon Priestess – it would be kinda cool to though – but I have got a thing about Glastonbury. I have always wanted to go there and it has so many faery associations. Morgen le Fay is associated with that place, being a Faery Queen and one of the 9 Morgen’s of Avalon, and Faery King Gwyn Ap Nudd lives within the Tor. According to Kathy Jones’ Creation Myth, Gwyn is the son of Nolava, the Goddess of Avalon, and he is Guardian to the inner labyrinths of the Tor where Nolava the Crone lives in the winter with her Cauldron, in other words, the underworld. Wikki says that “Gwyn means “fair, bright, white” and is cognate with Irish fionn.[2] His father, Nudd, is related to the Celtic deity Nodens“, and Nodens was the lover of Nolava. Lots of Faery gods are associated wit the underworld. My god, Finvarra is of the Irish Tuatha de Dannan is principally a god of the underworld.

She speaks of one year, whilst planning the Goddess Conference, feeling like the 9 Morgens were calling her to dedicate the conference to them, but she was scared about bringing such unknown Goddesses to many
people. I know how she feels. Sometimes I feel like I shouldn’t be going down the faerie Gods and Goddess’ route because they aren’t well known and popularised. I worry that if I say, “oh yeah, my Patron is Finvarra and I worship the Faerie Goddess” people will think I am ridiculous and think I am not a legit witch, because I am not grouping after Pan or Isis or Kernunnous.

So respect to Kathy Jones.