Many moons ago I bought and read Z Budapest’s Holy Book of Women’s Mysteries. A lot of it I don’t agree with – free lady love under a moon, being one of them – but a lot of it is inspiring and feministly good. One subject she touches upon is the Slothwoman, described in other paths as the inner self, the non-rational part of you that responds to pretty smells and colours. I like to think of Slothwoman as the seat of emotions and feelings – she is simple, and is the root of strong feelings like love, sadness, spiritualness and joy, feelings that radiate from you and encompass all of your being. Recently, going through a tough and very sad time, i have come back to the theory of Slothwoman. intellectually, i know the outcome of the sad event is not really sad, it is good and paves the way for new and better oppertunities. I can ignore my sadness and keep distracted. But when slothwoman feels, she feels completely and utterly. If she feels pain, then she will win over movies and phonecalls and books.

I guess this post is about how we aren’t rational creatures, at our heart is a being of pure emotion and response, and though we can ignore her, she is the centre of our strength and will always always surface.