Nice lazy morning today – woke up and lay in bed daydreaming, it could have been any hour, and considering I am a jobless student time is not a construct that applies to me. Pleasantly discovering that it was only 14;15 I toddled along to the bathroom to do bathroom related activities. There are bluebottles everywhere. MILLIONS of the buggers. In the next hour I return to the bathroom window twice to let the fly groupies out, but they re-appear. I got a shock when I looked at the skylight window in the hall. I kid you not, there were almost twenty juicy black flies waiting around to be let out.

I don’t understand! Where have they come from? They are everywhere! And why do they all look so drugged up? Perhaps they are tired from having spent a night trying to fly through the glassy barrier to freedom. I have some theories. I live in an attic – a nice proper flat-like attic, no spiders and stuff (cept for the toilet spider but he doesn’t bother anyone) – so perhaps all the flies that live on other floors of the house just end up here. Or perhaps they live in the attic – between my living space and the roof – and they just get in somehow. It’s crazy.

The Guy wants me to buy some flyspray so they will all be dead and gone, but I can’t do this. Considering we are no longer together, I just said no I will not fund fly death. Dead insects are 100% worse than live ones, and with the flyspray we will just be crunching dead fly into the carpet. Not good. He took the route of flies will spread germs that will get in our food, but I figure unless we eat of the windows we will probably be ok. There is a herb that flies don’t like – Basil? Thyme? Perhaps I will get some of that, see if it does any good.