Here I am, meant to be writing about my experiences as a Faerywitch. That was my intention of the blog, so let’s do the business.

I was a regular witchy/wiccan type person for a long time before I discovered the world of Faery and consequently decided to try and bring that into my practice and everyday spirituality. The difference I have found between working in these two different ways is astounding. Let’s expand on this.

True to my pledge last week, I have been up to my witchy best, drinking tea, praying and ritualising. I have done two rituals – one I approached in a standard wiccan way, modified from a book, and one faerywitch ritual written by myself.

The wiccan ritual was…alright. I invited Morgana le Fey in as my deity lady – I use her a lot for banishment transformation and dodgey emotions like anger, she is brilliant – but other than that, I stuck to the wiccan, leanrt that myself and chanting doesnt really get on. I forget and fumble the words. Now, usually, if I am raising energy, I will dance. I did that a bit too, giving up on my shameful chanting and bellydancing around the circle for a bit instead.

The Faerywitch ritual was so different. I envision faerie energy as green, bubbly and a bit sparkly. I combined it into my circle casting, invited in my faery deities (Morgan, Mab and, as ever, my homeboy, Finvarra) and all benevolent, kind faeries who would like to help. No point asking everyone in, I figure. I don’t think all faeries are keen on helping us humans out. The whole ritual was sparkling with faerie energy, I giggled when I did things wrong, and I knew it didnt matter. Faery rituals to me are far more comfortable as you don’t have to take it all seriously. I can put an atrocious rhyme in there, and it doesn’t matter – probably helps it along. I’m pretty sure the faeries stole the lid off my sacred Pritt Stick in the middle of it all. Only found it later when I asked them for it back.

My Faerywitch ritual differs from “normal” wiccan rituals in that Faery deities are the focus, faery energy is used and the nice faeries are invited in. You can be silly and have as much fun as you want – you are completely comfortable to just be yourself. It doesn’t seem particularly different, but I think that acknowledging and inviting in the faeries puts such a different perspective and energy on what you get up to in circle. The whole experience is just so different, to me at least.

The whole faerie ritual experience is, for me, poingnant, deep, very silly and very fun. I think that’s the mix that works for me.

After a ritual involving the faeries, they tend to pop up in your everyday life more. The morning after the ritual, walking along to my first dance class at a horrendously early time, a beautiful yellow ivy leaf flew at me and nestled itself in my scarf. Immediately I thought, that’s the faeries, letting me know that they are around and backing me up on this. Sitting in dance class, a minature fly settled itself on my ankle for a little while – a ridiculously stupid place for a fly to be, on a person who was running around a second ago in the middle of a massive sports hall (and I am not a smelly lady either)  – I thought Faery. I am finding missing things easier as well.

Ok. Write me off as a crazy for seeing faeries in flies and leaves and stuff. I understand. But it isn’t as if I have gone around all week with faeries at the forefront of my mind. My mind has been mostly faery free and full of usual stuff like the need to get to my e-mails and sandwiches and worrying about making the rent.

The one thing I have learnt witchwise in the last year or so of tarot reading and prayer is to pay attention to the first thing that comes into my head. So if the first thing that comes into my head, out of the blue, is Faery, I am damn well gonna pay attention to that fact.

This is what Ivy looks like

This is what Ivy looks like

I felt that we needed a picture. What do we think of the new header? End.