So, yesterday, busying myself away on the internet, figured, well, I need some illustrative guidance, so I went and got myself a book about illustration that comes very highly reccomended from a friend of mine. It’s thirteen good english pounds, but apparantly it is worth every penny. One thousand three hundred and ninety-seven pennies, exactly. Bolstered that up to a free delivery by pre-ordering something about faerie shamanisim by Edain McCoy which I shamefully felt the impulse to own. I want both these books, but I ain’t gonna get my grubby hands on them till the end of November, which is way too long.

The long and short of it is, I have caught the shopping disease. All summer I have refrained, as I know I don’t need anything. Now, Amazon is back, I have internet access regularly, and I am being encouraged by my “friends” to buy pretty things. Sadly, am horrifically poor. I do have a job (illustrative based, minimum wage) so in theory one day I will get monies to be spent on frivolity like tarot cards and dvds. Though for now I really do have to remeber that I am destitutely poor, my current diet of going out all the time is not helping either. And have also just spent £6 on bloosy postage. Sigh. Am obvioulsy idiot, who doesn’t deserve any more presents.

Now I am lusting after a new tarot deck, Kat Black’s Golden Tarot. Been thinking about getting a more traditional deck, especially since the Tarot class starts later tonight, and I’ve lost my Venus card and my 4 of swords. I have had it two years – time for an update? Other lusts involve Ly de Angeles Tarot- Theory and Practice and Brian Froud’s Faeries Oracle, which is meant to be fantastic.

See? I am a hopeless case. £18? Yes? No? Yes? Yes? Yes. I shall be a rubbish budgeter and buy it. But I must complete a faerie illustration tonight as well as three hours of regular illustration.

Jeeeebus I hope my dad never reads this.