I have been doing a lot of faery stuff lately – reading faery books, working on faery projects (my university illustration project is a mermaid-based faery tale, and my other project are illustrations for a book on faery) reading up about witch stuff and doing guided meditations and automatic writings. And eating a lot of crap. Just about to tuck into another, badly thought out fried meal, go to shake some salt on the thing, and the whole cellar comes apart, dumping 300g of salt on my dinner.

Only one fishfinger was salvageable.

First thought – “Bugger!”. Second thought – “Hmmm, I think someone is telling me I am eating like shit”. There has been a lot of healthy eating stuff going on in my life – I was talking to a friend about healthy eating, I had dinner at another friend’s house where they were concerned about the health factor of the meal consumed, my vegan cookbook has been lurking, and the book I am reading has a while part all about healthy eating. To be a proper faerywitch, I am gonna have to look after myself better, and stop feeding myself peanuts and fried eggs.

Again – no proof that it actually was the faeries telling me off, and not just an unfortunate accident, but I had the feeling. I am trusting, or trying to trust, my spider senses more. It surprises me to find out I actually have intuition.

Am I crazy? Or am I spiritual?

Is there much of a difference?

Fried Breakfast = Bad

Fried Breakfast = Bad

Stuffed Pepper - Good

Stuffed Pepper = Good