A couple of weeks ago I was reading Phyllis Curott’s Witchcrafting and she talks about how it’s a good idea not to have electrical equipment in circle as the energies conjured tend to mess with the electrics and you end up with faulty goods.

This explained a lot for me. My CD player is great, but it lived under my altar for about three years, and it often doesn’t recognise that there’s a CD in there, or struggles to play them. The display light had also stopped working.

However, two years recovery away from the altar seems to have had a positive effect – the display lights up now (well, sometimes).

I always thought that the whole energy-manipulating-electric-destroying aspect of circles was all made up to make circle casting seem more hardcore than it really is. But no. It’s true.

Wicca diseased my CD player. Who woulda thought?