Ok, tell me a decade ago that I would be a full blown witch when I grew up, I would have said you’re crazy. (Being ten, I might also have thought “damn, that’s cool”, but sadly witchraft aint as glamourous as the movies make it out to be). Tell ten-year-old Faeriedaughter that her spiritual life is going to revolve around faeries, she’d have given you a very cynical stare. But here I am. And over the last couple of months I have started noticeing how all parts of my life are beginning to meld together to form a faery haven.
Firstly, the revelation and subsequent summer rennaissance of spiritual interest, surprise, all connected to faerie. My first paied illustration commission, illustrating a spiritual book on faery. My univeristy project (choson), a fairy tale about mermaids (suitably dark german ending). I’ve even been talking to my dad, the essence of Capricorn, about faeries in folklore.
How crazy is that?