I am not. I despise poetry, I dislike flowery prose, hell, practically every wiccan liturgy I have read and used I have had to rephrase because I couldnt take the endless poeticisims. I say this as I’ve been haunting one of my regulars, which is high on the imaginary demons front and new enthusiastic teen witches front (not always linked) and someone wants to release the darkness of pain and be blessed in the mother’s white light through wicca. Fair enough, but you would never catch me saying anything as flowery.

Sadly, I’ve been doing some research and a Faery Shaman’s path is often defined by poetry and song. Religeous poetry and song basically mean ridiculous language, so either I will have to suck it and deal or make sure everything is channeled into my real talents, dance and art.

So instead of “gracious mother moon, silvery orb of light, from which all blessings flow and chase away the night, watching the cycles of life as the moon wanes and waxes, ”  and trying to think of something that rhymes that aint “taxes”, my ritual prose keeps it real. More of a ” Moon in the sky, above a barren silent landscape you watch over, the symbol of change and cycle, and in this winter you remind us that everything moves in cycles”.

Or to be frank it’s usually just “Hey Moon!”