Ok. So there is this idea that has been going round since the days of Peter Pan and the Disney Renaissance of storytelling – if you believe in your dreams, then they can come true.

True, or balls? I like to think true – being generally a relentlessly positive and annoyingly cheerful Faerywitch means, I think, that everything goes pretty much swimmingly for me. It’s all about attitude, darling. However, I was exploring the jungle of the Blogosphere and ended up at the New Age Bitch’s site, where I stayed a while ‘cos I liked it there. She did a rant about reclaiming the power of the Want, on a similar vain of something I read elsewhere, which I also liked. Dreams are like wanting. Here are my Wants, being that it is Yule and a shiny new Solar Year.

My first Want is to goddamn sort out my sleeping pattern, something which I have been trying to achieve since September yet, crucially, haven’t really got anywhere.

My dream and my secret answer to when-I-grow-up-I-want-to-be is a dancer. I love to dance, I dance all the time, and I feel that I should be paid to dance in front of people. I want to be a professional Bellydancer, Tango dancer and recreational salsa dancer, which is too perky and not saucy enough for me to commit to. I want to teach dance classes and I want to be THAT girl who everyone watches and thinks, “Damn, I wish I could move like her”. And I will be.

Sadly, doing art degree instead of dance school. No worries. My other dream is to spend the half of my working time where I am not shimmying my hips or letting a sexy latino man caress my body (professionally and privately) illustrating kids books about mermaids and princesses/unbelievably cool and sexy album art and editorials. Bit of a divide between the themes, but lets be honest – I’ll need a visual outlet for all the liquid lust movement I will be doing.

Like every second person in the western hemisphere, my secret Want is to write a book, get it published, and then actually have someone BUY it. Preferably thousands of people. Millions, perhaps. In my secret time I spend hours writing away on my laptop, and I have done since I was about 11, but with a biro on lined paper, as kids don’t get laptops. But unlike in my dancing and illustrating dreams/careers I don’t yet have the self confidence (or sticking power) to pursue it hardcore. Teenage book, fantasy theme, something about faeries (duh), sex, romance. This is my want, and I am sure I could do it if I tried. I am not shit, and believe me, I have read a lot of shit that has got published. Anyway, I have a personal PA in the form of my Mother.

These are my hardcore dreams, these are the ones that matter. I also Want to have masses of money, not kill every plant I own, to have a massive stack of comics to peruse at my pleasure and a Mac.

Being still a young ‘un, having only the life experience that 20 and a half years of earth living can bring, I am at the start of my illustrious career. The question is, when I graduate, will I inexplicably end up as an accountant?

Here’s hoping that’s not the case.