It’s the obligatory New Calender year Post – I told myself I wouldn’t do it, but here I am.

Of course, being a witch, my New year officially starts at Samhain, but i find it hard to get things started and venture to new and better things in the run-up to Yule – it’s getting darker, and all I want to do is sit in bed daydreaming, eating soup, drinking herbal tea and watching Desperate Housewives. So I kind of rule the Samhain-to-Yule period as a rest-time, and then after Yule everything starts again. The sun hangs around for that tiny bit longer, new diaries are started, new classes are taken, and of course the mad post-christmas rush to meet all my university deadlines.

2009 is set to be a really important year for me – I graduate from university and become a Real Grown Up, with council tax and everything. I have a few more months of training then I am let loose in the real world, to either follow my dreams or inexplicably end up as an accountant.

I’m choosing to follow my dreams. In my last post I wrote about my wants, and this year I am going to make them come true.

That is my new years resolution.