The harder I work (and I have been working very hard indeed) the more I want to do spiritual stuff. Currently I am starting every day with a devotion (partly because I should/want to and partly because it’s the smart witches’ way to boost creativity) but I sit there painting my damn fishes and fumbling through my skin tones (I jest – I love my work really, and I am very lucky indeed, but very stupid to have left it all to the last minute) all i want to do is get out my Silver Ravenwolf tombes and my Avalon stuff and Starhawk and read. I want to get out my bike and go cycling up and down the seafront at sunset looking for dolphins. I want to go faery hunting in the woods.

I can tell my flat is My House now as I came home from my christmas holiday (which wasnt really a holiday – I stayed in and worked every day and only went out to Tescos) and it’s full of God vibes. All I want to do here is lounge around, be cheery and do masses of spiritual stuff.

Ah well. We always want to do something other than work. But I cant help but think – how much work wound I get done if I worked this hard every day?