Just been looking up for interviews with silver ravenwolf (avoiding cooking dinner). There’s the usual SRW-is-the-wiccan-antichrist stuff, which is easily avoided, but then I end up on a blogger post explaining that SRW is all balls because she says she is Wiccan when, not being part of the Gardnerian or Alexandrian tradition, she damn well isn’t, and evidently doesn’t have a clue what wicca is.

I get exasperated at this kind of stuff. The definition of wicca has changed so much in the last decade or so – it now means more than Gardnerian or Alexandrian practice. Wicca was never meant to be stagnant and stuck in one way – I have gardnerian friends who do all kinds of non-gardnerian stuff. Wicca crossed the sea, America re-structured it, and it came back here to the UK as both coven and lineage based and as solitary witchcraft-with-religeon based.

I used to be worried about offending people with using the terminology Wicca to refer to Solitary Wicca, but I don’t bother too much any more. Someone who is going to throw a tizzy over the Wicca – v – Wicca argument isn’t really my favourite brand of person. If it comes up in discussion, I seperate the two as Old school and New school, and I am cool with that. I know that theres more than one wiccan way, and thats what counts. So sod this Ravenwolf bashing because she uses different terminology. Find an abiding reason to bash her.