Been skipping round the blogosphere and onto Dewdrops which is IvyMoonPanther’s wiccan blog, which very sensibly only talks about wiccan things and not the pursuit of crazy dancing dreams or what’s happening on House MD this week (five kinds of AWESOME that’s what). I thought I would be sensible for a change and contribute on this topic.

Being honest, “perfect love and perfect trust” is my favourite part of the rede by far, in fact, probably the only bit I pay attention to. That’s not to say I am a evil mafioso who kicks babies in the face or that I am a super-witch who is so good she has no need for the Rede – the whole point of the Rede in my mind is advice and personal responsibility, ie. advising you to take said responsibility, and I don’t think I need a few rhyming couplets to tell me how to do that, especially as the Rede tends to descend into flourishes of stardust and all the “better it be when the moon is full”s and we all know my opinion on that kind of stuff.

Perfect Love and Perfect Trust to me simply related to a relationship with God. God loves you perfectly, and it’s advice to trust God perfectly, becuase She will always help you out and the more you trust and put your faith in God, the more She will respond and throw you masses of divine love, and we all want some of that.

There we are. Managed to milk 250 words out of a simple sentence explanation. Pure Skill.