… but I am staying up late again bellydancing, looking at bellydance videos on youtube and searching for teachers. I have a new hero – Tara of http://www.tara-dance.com . She was in this month’s spirit and destiny and talked about her way to becoming a professional bellydancer and how she fell in love. The love bit was nice enough, but it’s the professional journey I was hungry for. She started at Uni, and then started performing professionally soon after, landing lucky breaks. If she can perform and get lucky breaks, dammit, so can I. I’m a witch, aren’t I? đŸ˜€

All this comes at a time when I was about to chuck this whole bellydancing dream in as ridiculous, far fetched and impossible – there are hundreds of people out there wanting to make it as bellydancers, competition is fierce, and I have the age old problem of never quite believing I am good enough. (And somehow, my mum’s unwavering faith in me doesn’t quite cut it.) Where does this lack of confidence where it counts come from? I guess it’s my perfectionist streak, so dormant in things like washing up and hob cleanliness – if I am not the best, then I am not good enough. Sigh, typical woman.

Ah well. Toast beckons. I am sure there are people out there who will pay me to dress in a bikini and skimpy chiffon skirt and wiggle my pelvis around.