So, what does a single, unmarried, boyfriendless Faeriewitch do on Valentines day?

Have an absolutely awesome time!! I have had a brilliant day, ate cake with my girl-friends, wrote my little stories, danced around, read my favourite book in the world (Ironside by Holly Black) and grinned grinned grinned to Houses of the Holy by Led Zeppelin.

To be honest, I think this is probably one of the best valentines I have ever had – certainly the happiest (and yes, I was in a relationship for three years, and as far as I remember, there was nothing noteable about the last two). I am so happy being free and single, and I know that one day in the future, when I am ready and Mystery Latino man is ready, we will meet and everything will be incredible.

But untill then, I am having an amazing time being single and very very happy.

Oh, and Mystery Latino man? He must be able to dance 😀