Lucy Cavendish has been a massive inspiration to me in lots of ways over the past couple of years. She’s another Aussie, a self-described white witch living a path of love and blissings. Ok, at a first glance, she might be thought too new-agey for my likes. It’s all love and light with her, enchantement and what not. I have read her book, White Magic, and even though it is heavy on the love and light, Lucy writes in such a sincere way that I cant help but love it.

I first found out about Lucy through Pop Goes The Witch, which is an anthology of various essays on the craft, and I was struck by her open and very loving style of writing. It reads as if she truely takes the words “in perfect love and perfect trust” and the love and light thin completely to heart. It’s like a bath in sunshine and moonbeams and…. well, you know what I mean. Love her.

Interview with Lucy for Inner Goddess Australia here.

My super-fast review of White Magic by Lucy Cavendish;

White magic is not the best nor the most inormative manual on magic and goddess – spirituality I have read, but because I love Lucy’s writing style so much it’s one i keep coming back to. I ind the chapters on the sabbats excellent and invaluable, and I love all the inclusion of mythical creatures in the elementals section. Her information on magical names has also really helped me.

Also, any public witchy woman who magical name is Lucy Cavendish gets kudos from me. Makes a wonderful change from all the PantherFoxRains’ and Obsidian BellaWolfs’ out there.