I think it depends who you ask really. I’ve reeeeally been taking a faery hiatus recently – I’ve done very little faery based stuff and lots of priestessy type stuff (rd: lots of candle burning, mooning around under trees, lots of talking to invisible gods, lots of taroting) but I still think I have some faery connection, even if I am not paying much attention to it.

According to Francesca de Grandis, who Rocks Absolutely, her faery tradition embodies more the spirit of the fae rather than talking to them all the time. Follow your bliss, make every day of your life magical, create what you need. I’d add to that in the faery way, have masses of fun and don’t be afraid to manifest what you desire.  And recycle LOTS. Being a de Grandis priestess is seeing your life, no matter what you do, as spiritually worthy.

Another aspect of faerywitchery is talking and working with faery energy a lot. In that respect, I have Nil Points, as have done very little of that recently.

Another respect in my mind is paying attention to and working with Faerie Gods. All the gods I do work with are faerie related, but currently no faerie specifics. Naughty faeriewitch.

Next idea is that the faeriewitch is just generally very faerylike in their ways and manner. I think I have a little percentage of this.

Result – I may be a faery slacker, but the label still feels as if it fits. I’m passing with a C- at the moment. However, I think there are lots of things currently in my life I need to work through and sort out in a spiritual manner before I get my faerie on. We’ll see.