I know I have muchos times where I feel like I am no where near where I want to be and the path to get there is so damned huge and steep and full of stressful difficult things that there is almost no point really and however hard I am trying I am obviously never working hard enough.

This is something I suffer with a lot, as I am unfairly hard on myself.

One thing one of my heros Francesca de Grandis (hurrah!) says is, don’t try to do everything you think is important, or necessary. Just do a bit. We can only do a bit at a time, no matter how important or pressing something is.

So, today I did not finish that painting, or finish that evil application, or get round to covering that costume bra. However, I did do the resist painting, I did start that evil applications, I voted like a grown up does in the election, I hoovered all the bits of cracker off my floor, I applied for easier-to-apply-for jobs, I went for a walk and I confirmed some business. Little baby tiny steps towards all my major goals.

Grandis makes me feel a little more sane, and a little more inclined to be kinder towards myself.