Ok. So in my own practice, if you believe something, that tends to be what happens, if I say, “yo goddess, get me a job/car/muffin” and I believe that I deserve said job/car/muffin, I will always get it. I think that’s what the witchy principle of spellcrafting is all about really. Think it, believe it, get it.

I had a Moment on the train to Glastonbury a few months ago, and I am not a regular moment-getter. I was re-reading Phyllis Curott’s book Witchcrafting (it rocks, go purchase) and she talks about goddess being the earth, and the earth sustaining life and stuff. I looked out the window and realised that the earth, which is both not-God and all-God, provides everything the plants need to grow. Even in crazy places like on sheer cliffs and in salt marshes, she still provides. She looks after her bits, as we are all an emanation of her anyway. It was a real lightbulb-in-head moment. Sweet.

Based on this logic, which isn’t new and every new age book going spouts this, we live in a universe where all we have to do is allow god/universe to provide us with all we need because that is what it is naturally predisposed to do, and this allowing revolves around our belief system and choosing to believe good stuff about ourselves rather than bad stuff.


If the earth is god and god is all abundance and nourishing and helpful and stuff, does the fact that us humans are effectively raping the planet change this? Considering as a race we are using her like a bad friend uses a good friend, why should she help us? Being human, this makes logical sense to me. However, She’s not human, or even a she for that matter, so it may not be a simple matter of “You screw me over, I screw you over”.

I am pretty damn sure that either us humans are going to work out a way of living with the rest of the planet or the planet will gobble us up and start again.

Perhaps the best way to think of this is to allow, know your connection to God/Source/it/whatever and do lots of eco friendly stuff as a thankyou.

(Although we should all be doing eco friendly stuff anyway, to stave off the inevitable gobbling up bit.)