So Faeriedaughter got herself a job, one of those ones that completely suck time. It’s acceptable, it could be much worse, I could be fighting Voldemort for chrissakes. But, when it really drags and I think, crap, I have done nothing spiritual all month as I hardly been home, I think of Kwan Yin. She was the Bodhisattva who bore every horrible task given to her with grace and reverence to deity. I like the idea of holding her as an inspiration while I work, though I have not a clue how you remain spiritually centered when you are meant to be juggling six orders and a telephone call at once. I tried doing yoga breathing at work, but it did not work out. Sigh. Or rather, not sigh.

The idea of giving up rubbish tasks to deity has cropped up before – I own a secondhand copy of the book A Goddess is a Girls Best Friend by Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway and in it she talks about St Teresa, who was a really young nun in France who dedicated her every dull nun-maintainance task to God and, I assumed, wandered around her life happy as a bean. Until she died. Which, being all christian and all, she was probably also quite happy with. I used to follow a direction given in this book when at university and I had to do something dull, such as trawl through a journal for a snippet of info, or when I had to clean my kitchen. It worked, mostly, but being a very privately spiritual person (you may have twigged it, but Faeriedaughter is surprise surprise not my regular name) I’m not sure how that kind of thing would bear up with people running in and out and wanting things from me.