Watching and reading stuff at the moment about the transfer from goddess societies to patriarchal ones, and it got me thinking,

How the HELL was the world convinced that dudes were the procreational force in the world?

Seriously. Watching a documentary which talked about how men convinced women that they were the powerful ones who “planted the seed” inside a woman, and that their seed was the most important bit and the woman’s procreative happenings were just dirt to the man’s acorn.

What?! How on earth was the world, woman, man and inbetweens all ,convinced by this?! Dudes stick their “seed” in the lady, many seeds completely useless, and then bugger off. The lady to creates a whole person inside her, create food for that person, feed and protect it and teach it until it is  strong enough to manage on its own (cos generally throughout history men seemed not to have been very interested in helping out). The instructions for person-making are half man and half lady, and the assembly is all female. How on earth was everyone convinced that Men are the sole source of procreation and goodness?! How ridiculous!