I’m beginning to think that the point of spirituality is not to space out time in which to meditate, or pray, or make complicated incense. I am beginning to think that it’s to be as wholly you and true to yourself that you can be.

What I am learning is that, spiritually, it’s ok to just be you.

I especially fall into the trap of think that I am not being spiritual enough, or that doing something godessy is another entry on the never ending to-do list I keep. I don’t think that it’s ever spiritual to beat yourself up about not being spiritual. I don’t always stop and think. “What do I want to be doing?” rather than “What should I be doing?” or “How can I avoid doing what I should be doing?”

Remembering that I always have a little bit of God inside me and that She is always there when I need Her and thinks I am 100% awesome means that I don’t feel like I am not meditating enough/going on walks enough/praying enough and reminds me that it’s ok if I end up watching Blue Planet/dancing/napping instead.

Be happy and do the stuff you love, and you are halfway to God already.