I take the bus too and from work and, hey presto, my work is 2 minutes away from a library. Woohoo!

I’ve been a-reading, after a looong time of not reading. I got into a rut of reading just witch books, and man did those get dull. Anyway, I just finished reading What God Wants by Neale Donald Walsch. He’s a mighty famous fella in the bookshop lands of spirituality. In a review sense I am not sure what I think of it – it was a bit showmanish and he definately tried to build lots of DRAMATIC TENSION before revealing his answer, and his concept of what God wants is pretty sane and similar to what I think she wants, so no biggies there. But I will talk about what did reach me with this book.

It got me thinking about What God Wants. Well, duh. But, my reality is not the same to Mr Walsch’s, so I thought about what I thought God wants.

I have always been convinced that God wants nothing but the best for me, and she knows best what will bring me the most happiness. If she wants me to do something with my life, she has programmed it that those things are the things I want to do with my life anyway and things I have talent and passion for. How else am I going to do it properly? If I want to do it without her help, she’s cool with that. If I want to connect with her and get her to help me do the things I want to do (being the things she wants me to do) she’s cool with that too and will help me along. The thing that confuses me sometimes is if my general life is my spiritual work, then is there any point in doing the other overtly spiritual stuff? Hmmm. It’s a core belief of mine that everyone, even atheist people connect with god lots in their lives, though they don’t call it god, they just call it life. Could they be the same thing!? Dun dun DUUUUN!

Also, he talks at the end how to reach people with this new knowledge – it reminded me of Switching To Goddess in a lot of ways – get out of old hierarchial religeons that talk crazy self destructive power-over talk and into the new, freeing way, man. And this is how to do it. He talked about God being completely part of the world, so much so that we are god, and everything is god, so we are everything. Heavy, man. And yes, heard it all before, but this is the bit I liked.

Peeps get nervous about the “we are one” concept. I don’t want to be one! we say (I am included here, most definatly) I want to be me! Independent! Unique! Special dammit! I don’t want to be like everyone else!

But here is the awesome bit – being one does not mean that we are all the same dull dull thing. You and me in this scenario are one with God. We can all be one, but we can all be gorgeously different at the same time and still be part of each other, and the great goddish biomass. If you look at your fingers, they are all part of the same hand. But are they the same? Hells no. I have a particularly ladylike little finger and a mannish first finger. Your fingers may be different, I dunno, perhaps we all have gender specific fingers. But the point is, We are all part of God, but we are like her fingers. One but different. Many different bits. Hurrah!

So I