I would like to start by congratulating everyone who reads this for making it through another year of life. Hurrah for continuing to live!

I am pretty sure 2010 sucked for a lot of us. My last year dragged me deep into the inner demons that I didn’t even know I had, and I spent so much of the last year stuck thinking awful things about myself, being injured, freaking out about money and working at a job I hated that I think I have had my lifetime fill of all the above.

In the weird way these things work, 2010 was one of the suckiest years of recent times but also in many ways the best. I committed myself to my dance and made lots of progress, and also for the WHOLE of 2010 I have been with Superman, who is as you would imagine Super-Awesome, Super-Lovely and Super-Sexy and makes me the happiest bean in the box. I played the grand adventure of Moving In With Superman, and I would like to report great success. Drinks all round!

I have also made headway in the grand adventure of Being A Grown Up. I got a full time job (which was pants, but I still did it!), paid off my huge student overdraft, started my dream career and I can report that I am GOOD AT IT AS WELL (as told to me by people other than my mum, who does not count) which is very exciting, and I have moved out of the family home into a proper rented house where I pay GROWN UP BILLS like water rates and council tax and try to complete the endless housekeeping that living in a house seems to mean.

I also seem to have mastered how to create the Smokey Eye Look, learned to sew costumes and fix my jumpers with holes in them (read: ALL of my jumpers) and learnt how to Hula Hoop.

At Yule, I decided to get rid of all the bad stuff from 2010. Yes, if I look back at 2010, there was a hell of a lot of crap stuff. But if I think about all the good stuff that happened in 2010 instead, there is a hell of a lot of that too. Starting and planning out the new year (mmm planning) I think it’s way better to have a positive backstory to a year you want to create as awesome than a crappy one.

So if you are reading this, and 2010 SUCKED for you to, please have a think and comment about the GREAT things that happened to you in 2010, hiding behind the dramatic crappy stuff, cos I promise you it is there.

Happy successful end of the year!!!