Most of us wiccans/witches/ex-wiccans/somthing witchy types seem to stockpile books in case of emergency, I guess. We read about what interests us. I have loads and loads of books about witchcraft, wicca, witchy topics, faeries, goddess, auras, teen witchcraft, spells, devotional practices, astral stuff, history, meditating, chakras…. And what I found out in the end is that there are just a small group of books that I use and rely on for knowledge and inspiration, and the rest just get ignored. Either they go over the same stuff again and again or they are on things that I am never actually going to get round to doing. There is a point you reach when you realise you are reading over and over rather than actually doing stuff, and I reached that point a long time ago.

So No more witch books for me please.