More reading means more thinking! This is today’s revelation.

I read The Law Of Attraction about half a year ago. I refused for a long time, as it’s about a “being” speaking through Esther Hicks, it’s called Abraham, which does not immediately appeal to me as a witchy type, and the book is thought of as Deeply New Age. It was given to us by my happy new age holistic therapist American uncle. And I was surprised – I liked it! More on that story some other time.

I reckon this is what my inner being looks like

A lot is spoken about vibrations and negative thoughts and feelings that get you down not being in harmony with your Inner Being. Inner Being makes me think about the cute monster from the yoghurt adverts. Inner Being doesn’t mean a lot to me – I am a Whole Being. I’m a preistessful person, and I think of my Inner Being as my Goddess Undercurrent. At the heart of it we are all little emanations of her anyway, be we person, tree, doggie or earmuffs. So pointless negative thoughts and worries do not resonate with God, who wants us to be happy and will bring us as much happy times and happy stuff as we like as long as we let her.

Switching to positive, loving, supportive thoughts, which make us feel good is letting God work with us, and it helps us see her everywhere, which is great. It’s Thinking God and Thinking Priestessfully, and is a powerful expression of self love.

This is a bit preachy. Hmm. I think it works two ways – if the “vibration” idea is a bit to new-age for you (and it’s just hovering the border there for me), practically, thinking positive gets stuff done easier and makes you see the world in a happier way. The world is only what you perceive the world to be.

In Conclusion – Law of Attraction is about getting on Team God, as she wants what’s best for you anyway. Over and out!