Can you get more new age than a unicorn?

You may be noticing a heavy new-age bend to my current reading matter. Hells yeah. This is where I am getting my kicks this month. With the whole new year positivity thing going on, I am needing some shamelessly positive spiritual literature to go with it. I’m sure I’ll want it deep and hard later.

(…. and yes folks, there is your long awaited internet smut. Rejoice!)

I’ve read about positive thinking and affirmations for years on and off, never really doing much about it. Partly, as it looks a lot like Constant Vigilance, which as Mad Eye Moody would tell you, is difficult. Partly, be cause it’s so new-agey it must be full of crap. Seriously. I completely believe that a positive outlook will open up your life in thousands of incredible ways, I believe in manifestation (I may be a bit of a lapsed witch but I am still a witch dammit, I can MAKE STUFF HAPPEN), and most of all I believe in the power of belief to shape your world.

There are beliefs I have that rule my life that are not true, which is mighty foolish. I am trying to find a way to change those beliefs so I can be who I want to be. I don’t think switching to the positive of every situation is the automatic answer, and I think this is where either the new age fails or people reading the new age get it wrong – you have to travel through emotions. They were created through something, and now they are here dude. You have to feel them or you will destroy you.

I worked in a horrible job for half of last year, and there were times I felt so angry and upset I thought I was going to corrode my insides. I created that job when I was so desperate for a job and so low of self esteem that the only thing I could have attracted was an awful, soul destroying, hellish job. (Rule number one – make sure you are a sane witch before you ask for favours from the universe!). Emotions are not the enemy. You have to feel them, and then you come out the other side clearer, knowing what you need to do to change.

And here is the bit we don’t always do – we have to LISTEN TO OURSELVES after we have been sad and have decided in our post-emotion wisdom “sniff, tomorow I will call Brad Pitt and apologise – I will not flirt with him again. His relationship cannot handle the strain of him being so crazy attracted to me, and I can do better anyway.” and then (gasp!) ACT ON IT. In my case, I decided that my boss was a crazy mo-fo who wanted me to think that I am not as awesome as I so incredibly obviously am, and I got a new job after deciding in my post-emotion moment (s, I had to go through it a few times before I got the courage to do something about it), hells no I am better than that.

Then we focus on rebuilding ourselves and coming out the sunny side, thinking positive things, encouraging ourselves on. On the upward slope, thinking positive is a way of encouraging ourselves and pepping us up, rather than blinding ourselves. As in basic magic and manifesting/spellcasting/prayer/whatever 101, you have to take some action as well. I think that deserves capital letters.

You have to WALK THE WALK when you TALK THE TALK. That’s the bit a lot of new age stuff skimps on I think. Thinking will set your stage, but they play won’t start until you walk on it.

End of new age wisdom for the day. Phew!