Earth Angels by Doreen Virtue! Hurrah!

Doreen, bless her, writes incredibly positive-sounding books about angels, mostly. In recent years she’s come over to the Goddess side a bit and has met the world of faeries. Her spiritual autobiographies leave you thinking, there is no way in hell that ANYONE is that in communication with the spirit world. (I’m just jealous. I want to talk to fairies! Humph.) She calls herself a light worker, and is all about light and love and angels and ahhhh. I don’t want to like her (damn you schmew age!) but I really do! Argh!

Earth angels is all about non-human incarnated being on this planet. She reckons that there are incarnated angels, peeps whose spirit is an angel and body is a human living in the world to try and help heal it. There are incarnated elementals, priestesses, shamans, star people (that’s happy aliens to you and me) and mermaids (Mermaids!!!!!). The book helps you identify which one you are if you feel that you are not quite human.

Ok, every the cynical ex-atheist skeptic, much of me thinks that it is a case of people wanting to be special. Everyone wants to be special, right? If Doreen Virtue says that you are an angel in human clothing, there is your special quota. Tadaa! You have meaning in the world.

Putting that aside, as I have learnt that things I feel bad strongly about seem to just be super important to me in a year or so’s time (you would NEVER catch me going to America/When can we go to America?, and Priestess of Avalon? What a load of POO/Wanna be one wanna be one! I rest my case.) and a lot of people seem to have found solace and healing in what Doreen says. For example, incarnated angels are addicted to saving people, so end up in crappy relationships with addicts and try to help them/fix them and completely forget about themselves as they feel they have to help others as it’s soo important. I understand how a person reading this would find themselves in this and indentify to the extent of feeling, I must be an angel with a people saving mission.

So I don’t want to blow it completely out of the water. Although half of me will admit, man that’s crazy.

Reading it as objectivly as possible, I had an innocent go at trying to see myself in there anywhere. I’m pretty happy with human status, whereas a few years ago I may have jumped at the chance to be identified as a mermaid (mermaid!!!) instead. One of the main traits of an earth angel is always feeling different, or out of place, not just on a shyness level. I read this and thought, “well that’s not me then, end of.” But I got thinking, and I’ve never quite felt “in place”. Maybe because I am a private person, maybe because I am a serial journaller, maybe because I spend a lot of time in my own head, but it’s very rare that I don’t feel seperate from or different on some level to those around me, even if they are awesome lovely matey people. It’s always been this way. I’m not a shy person, I am pretty people confident, I am not especially weird or ostentaciously different in a goth way, or a hippy dreadlocked way, or a hemp clothes way, or a geek way (I always call myself an unwitchy-witch as all the main witchy sterotypes I do not fit into) and I do make friends and get on with people.

According to Doreen, I fit the incarnated elemental type – sadly not the mermaid type – in that dogs are awesome, I need to be alone and away from people, the environment is super important and I am crazy bonkers about animals and seas and outside, tip top at manifesting stuff and am extremely creative and artistic. Re-reading through it, a lot of what she say’s resonates. I also…. look like a irish mermaid. Zing! and Hot Damn. Minus the scales of course.

I’m not going to say I believe what she says or that I don’t – except she has a very shiny view of faeries – because I am not sure yet. I can’t bring myself to say I am an incarnated Faerie, because that is pushing some huge crazy boundaries there. I want to establish that I am perfectly happy with my human-ness (human is cool too) although I reckon to other animals we reek like cooked pork. Eurgh. I’m pretty special as I am, and if I add anymore special talents or abilities to my unending tower of hats-I-am it’s gonna be chaos. But I am going to think about it some more.