.. though as I am english I would really say “through writing in my diary”.

This year I have been thinking a lot about self-healing, and how the arse you do it. Last year was all ups and downs, and I’ve been trying to figure out a way to stabilise that.

One way I have figured is journaling. It can be a way of talking yourself through hard stuff, and helping yourself to look after yourself. When something has happened that I react really awfully to, I can talk myself out of it, and see the good side. Pep talk myself. My most-repeated tactic is reminding myself it’s OK to feel the way I do, or to be where I am right now.

The only way I can figure out self healing is treating yourself like you treat yourself when you are physically ill – only instead of rubbing vapo rub on everything and taking medicine, it’s talking kindly to yourself and letting yourself go slow, taking walks and watching happy movies. It’s OK!