Just come back from a walk and I am munching on the wonder that is peanut butter on toast. Om nom nom nom nom.

I’ve been having working from home days for a while and self motivating is hard! It’s really easy to just procrastinate and not get anything done. Being cooped up in a house all day does make you go a bit mad also.

I’ve always known going for a walk fixes everything, but I don’t remember it very often. I always feel much more focused and better about myself after going outside. (For someone who is a witch and is called Faeriedaughter this is kind of a Duh! statement). Today is a kind of grey, blustery, very windy day (I’d call it a Wales day, as it’s the kind of weather we’d get a lot in Wales, only warmer as I am now inland) and I love these kind of days. Windy weather gets me really excited and calms me down- we fell asleep listening to the sound of the wind rushing through the trees, and our crappy letter box door opening and closing all night, which was not so good. Windy weather worries Superman – he seems to think it’s ominous.

Everywhere I walk stuff is a little bit greener – I’ve noticed our lawn is acutally 70% moss, which is now greening up, I’ve seem loads of little baby purple crocuses poppin’ up, buttercups, snowdrops, daisys, and new-green edges on old-green plants. I always associate purple plants with the Lady, so at the moment, where most of the plants seem to be sprouting purple, it’s like she’s saying “Hi! Yo! Hey FaerieD! I’m here! Look! I’m still here!” everywhere I go, which is cool.

I realised I live in a village. Yikes! That’s not very hip.

Man was that peanut butter TASTY.