How awesome is this picture?

I’m getting back into Tarot. Hooray!

One of my life goals is to be a pro tarot reader. Now, I’m not bothered if this doesn’t happen till I am 65, so no pressure at all.

However, I do much less reading for other people than I used to, and honestly, I am just getting back into reading for myself as I am not so keen on knowing my future.

What I do do is Tarot Prayer.

I believe tarot can be a link to Goddess, and a way to interact with Her in a clear way. I spend a lot of time pathworking and thinking “Come on, I must have made that last thing up.” When I need clear contact, or just do not want to feel alone, I get out my cards, light my Patron Goddess candle (For Morgana le Fay of course, prophetess, faery, priestess and all-round awesome) and shuffle and pray.

Now, when I pray, I tend to just talk. I get into Goddess space first (clearing my mind, breathing deeply and connecting) and then I talk. when I ask a question, I throw a card as an answer. I have had so many honest, funny, authentic, truthful and helpful insights and message from Goddess this way. And I know it’s her, as I feel it.

The only rule is, it’s always the first thing that comes into your head. So trust yourself.