I remember being a cheery teen wiccan, chowing down books of spells and goddess mythology, wanting to belong. I’m not sure I had much direction even then, or a solid path of what I wanted to do with the wicca stuff, I just knew that if I found my tradition and my magical name all would be well in the world.

Almost ten years on, I’m still not really in a tradition or have an established working spiritual system, only I now know it’s more about Goddess than being a witch so I am still figuring that one out. After deciding a magical name is pretty redundant and pointless, I now have one, begot in a proper mystical the-goddess-gave-it-to-me kind of way. Cue X-Files music.

It’s a name that luckily works and fits and feels right for a weirdo faery-mermaid-avalon-priestessy-bit of shadow side-lady as myself, and my wouldn’t you like to know what it is, but what on earth do I use it for now that I have one?

Lets think about peeps with magical names for a second there. Famous peeps, like Silver Ravenwolf and the awesome Lucy Cavendish, use their names in the whole magical/spiritual world as their regular name. They write stuff with it, other spiritual peeps call them it. Spells they cast use that name.

In this essence, their magical spiritual personality becomes their regular personality, connecting them to God as often as possible. So perhaps I need to build a spiritual personality around my name? I have heard that people take on names to become more like the name’s original – call themselves Athena to be cool headed, Avalon to be a person of calm spiritual wisdom, Aphroditie to radiate love, Bear to be family oriented and strong, Buffy to be a badass kickboxer etc.  So perhaps that was why I was given my name? To find the root and become it?

Hmmm. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.