I’ve found the traditional elemental associations of the wheel of the year a little odd, always. I think it’s regularly earth in winter, air in spring, fire in summer, and water in autumn, and so they are associated with each of the season’s exquinoxy events.

But, like wands being associated with fire in the Tarot, it never made much sense to me. Earth in the winter? Everything is dead! Fire in the summer? Where do you think I live?

With the Wheel of Ana, which is Kathy Jones’ wheel of the British goddesses and seasons, it makes sense. It goes thus (with my added reasons why):

Winter – Air, because the main thing you notice about winter is the cold crisp smelling air, the gales and the fact that you can see the wind through the tree skeletons.

Spring – Fire, because you really notice the sun coming back and everything is beginning again. You get excited, as you know the winter is over, the sap is rising, it’s just awesome.

Summer – Water, because nothing is more summery than sunlight glinting across a river. Summer always makes me think of rivers overgrown with plants on their banks, teenage ducks hanging out in gangs, swans, dragonflies, and drinking sweet sweet water in the heat.

Autumn – Earth, as everything ripens to be eaten, falls to the ground, and slowly decays back into it. Autumn smells earthy, of leaves decomposing on the ground and wet mud. And apples. Mmm

So these are the seasonal elements I work with and that speak to me. No point working with a system if it won’t work with you! I was surprised to discover that I actually have an un-planned personal deity for each element/season too!