Honestly, I’m a witch in training. I’ve been at it a decade, but still in training!

Recently I’ve really been feeling a need to dive back into the basics of witchcraft and Goddess Spirituality and, ahem, practice them. My spiritual cravings tend to wax and wane, as I suspect everybody’s does, but now that my life is most definately in my control and my control only (gah!) I feel the need for some sort of proper spiritual practice and connection.

I realised, being a pretty independant pick-and-choose sort of person, that just picking up and going through book after book is not going to cut it, as they won’t have what I need. So, I need a manifesto. A target.

It’s got me thinking about what I am really after, what I do all this witchy stuff for anyway. It’s chasing confused Goddess-cravings, a journey to personal transformation and a wish for a calmer, stress-light life. Spirituality chills me out, and helps me to see the bigger picture, without which, I go Stress Heavy.

My guideword is Preistessful, which in my dictionary means living alongside the presence of Goddess. This idea makes me bouncy excited, but I haven’t quite cracked it yet. When I sit down and connect, I feel like I could connect deeper, I just haven’t figured out how, or that there are a bunch of techniques out there I am not using that would be helpful.

So here is my re-learning manifesto, my hunting guide, my map, my sniffer dog.

Faeriedaughter Relearning Manifesto

I want to be feeling the calm, loving presence of Goddess 70% of the time.

I want to learn how to connect. I want to learn ALL the ways.

I want to do witchy stuff again – cast spells, do rituals, know weird little folklore charms and stuff

I want to re-incorperate Faery into my life again, and help out the environment. Litter Warrior!

I want to learn how to meditate.

I want to switch how my thoughts work so they think happy instead of grumpy/stressed/sad/afraid.

I want to be able to make all the things I love to do a way of consciously connecting to and being happy with Goddess.

Let’s Hunt!