I’ve been reading The Power by Rhonda Byne, being the sucker for pop-new-age that I am.

The Power, if you hadn’t guessed already, is love. Duh. Basically it’s The Secret all over again, saying “love” instead of “positive thinking”. That’s cool with me, as I got it from the library instead of forking out the cash for it. It’s a nice orange colour.

Rhonda says that you should be feeling good lots and lots – like the positive thinking, feel super-happy and full of love more than 50% of the time, and hey presto! Your life attracts lots of awesome stuff and everything is better. And not just feeling Ok or feeling meh either, because they don’t count as feeling good – 51% of happy all the time. This makes sense to me. I think that thoughts control a lot of what happens in our lives, and even at the simplest level if we are feeling good we are looking for good and seeing only the good.

I’ve been keeping a track of my feelings this last week. I’ve always thought I was a pretty happy bunny when it comes to this stuff. Turns out, I am not! I would hazard at feeling OK (which means not really feeling anything) to Meh (which is a step down from OK – feeling a smidge of sad/stressed but mostly nothing) about 65% of the time. I’d say I am about 15% super happy, and 20% stressed/upset. How much does that suck?

So it’s research time – gotta work out what makes me feel happy and turn my feelings around, as I would much rather be happy.

What’s your feelings breakdown like?