So have I been mired in my own self pity these last few days. I’m a girl, I have ups, I have downs.

So I completed the age old girly feel-better ritual – bubble bath, smelling of cuddles.

And a book.

Dipping into de Grandis for some words of wisdom (I promise, I do read other books), I read a passage that reads, in speechmarks for real, “I am a daughter of the Goddess. Why am I being mean to myself?”


I am a daughter of the goddess. Why am I being so mean to myself?

Here’s the dealio. If we are the kids of God, then bumming up on ourselves is like bumming up on God. Who the hell would bully down and talk crap about the kid of a god?

(Don’t say the Romans.)

If I am the daughter of God, half-goddess genes half-substance genes, how can I downtalk myself? I am half GODDESS for frick’s sake. And you just are not rude or mean and belittling to goddess, even is she is half-person.

We are all half-goddess, therefore we are all worthy and brilliant and sparkling and radiant and super-holy-totally-awesome even if we do nothing other than be a part of her gorgeous planet.