Witches know that darkness in itself is not evil – that’s why a lot of us don’t like being called white witches and don’t quite trust stuff named “Lightworking”, as it’s feeding into the dark-is-evil sterotype. Generally bad stuff tends to get called dark or gets roped under the “darkness” category, probably because dark is scary to us humans with our feeble five senses as we can’t see what’s going on. If only we had sonar hearing.

But actual darkness itself is not evil – us witches know that darkness can be healing too. Darkness can be safe, peaceful, inspiring, sexy and supportive. Like being comforted by a big duvet hug in a dark room. Peace and stillness, like a garden at night. Sexy times at midnight with the lights off. Om nom nom.

Darkness gives you permission to feel. It’s like a balm for negative feelings – just softer and calmer and safer when you are feeling sad or angry. Said by someone who has spent their life exorcising sadness by sitting on a garden bench at night.

There is a feri myth about the creation of the universe – the goddess looked into the void, the darkness before all things, and saw herself in it and loved it. She is vast and incredible, and and she drew from herself, from this darkness, all things. I was introduced to a fantastic concept – the idea of the immanence of Goddess as part of a safe, loving womb-ish darkness that makes up all things. Almost all of an atom is comprised of empty space, with really teeny tiny bits moving through emptiness. This means about 99.999…% of everything is made up of empty space. Darkness. As Goddess is completely integrated with the whole existence, then perhaps she is the space between atoms.

A world made up of a safe, loving darkness. I think that’s awesome.

mmmm night sky