I remember reading Louise L Hay’s You Can Hear My Life after years of people telling me to read it, and the thing that jumped out and grabbed me was when she said that the base problem of all our problems is self love and that we don’t think we are good enough.

What? I thought that it was just me that thought that and the rest of you were all alright.

It’s an interesting belief because in my life it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly why I have it, as I tend to do excellently at everything I do except maths, but that’s fine because who wants to be good at maths when you can be good at everything else? I think in me it’s been nurtured by the idea that being fantastic was commonplace – everyone expected me to do well at school/dance/drama/whatever, so it was no big deal when I did. But it’s not just me, it’s a deeply rooted fear in a lot of us – especially us women just through being women I think, but that’s a whole other can of worms to be opened at a later point.

I have a little mantra, or affirmation if you will, that I use when I feel a bit unworthy. It goes thus:

I am worthy and perfect just as I am, I am a daughter of the Goddess

A daughter of God is always perfect and worthy, all the time, no matter what she does, and I like having a reason of why I am perfect in there – it feels realer. Please take and use for your own devices – use outside for best results!