Wanna know the word that get me ants-in-my-pants excited?


..and Free Money, of course, but lets talk about option number one.

Living authentically, in that you are 100% true to yourself and your soul’s calling/likes/whims/wants, so gives me goosebumps. I’m currently trying to figure out how to bring more of it into my own life, and baby I’m doin’ it, but it’s an ongoing process here.

I also have massive girl crushes on women who do it and bring it into their business, peeps who just let all their stuff out there for people to see and ooh and ahh at. A lot of them are spiritual ladies who just bring their spirituality into every corner of their life no matter what, and I like that cos as you all know I am still coming to terms with my spirituality. Lets bring a little evidence to the table.

One super awesome authentic person is Goddess Leonie of GoddessGuidebook.com. She does stuff about spirituality and about art, because those are the things she likes best, and in her blog she LITERALLY hangs it all out there to dry, good stuff, nasty stuff, spiritual stuff, all sorts. She’s a particular inspiration to me because of her art business. I do love her to bits, but she is not the worlds most traditionally skilled painter, she hasn’t been through the 6 hours of life drawing classes a week for three years rigmarole and she is not a traditionally skilled draughtswoman either. Does this bother her? Hells no. Does she still make honestly gorgeous art and paintings? Yes. Respect, woman.

I also love Lucy Cavendish, who is another aussie spiritual person. She’s witchy author and workshop person, and her authenticity literally sings out through her words. I’ve reviewed her work on this blog, and it’s the pure and honest style of her writing that I love.  She loves this spirituality stuff, and she lives it, and she talks and writes about it because IT IS WHAT SHE LOVES.

She does a lot of stuff I am scared of, such as standing up and being counted for weirdo beliefs – this lady wrote a book about Atlantis and Lemuria as past spiritual civilisations, and is currently writing a book about mermaid and sea witchery (and ohmygodohmygod I needs me a copy of that book) and this is just what she does because she loves it.

What are the main inspirations I get from these gorgeous curly-haired women?

  • there are millions of other people out there like me, who love the same kooky things that I love
  • one person’s authentic truth will be the same as loads of other people’s authentic truths, and they will love you for talking about it
  • it is totally, 100% possible to live on doing what you love.