My eco-senses have been blazing recently. On fire. I think part of it is because of my super-enthusiasm for spirituality at the moment, and with goddess-faerie-pagan spirituality, it’s gonna come back to the planet at some point.

Can I put that crisp packet in a bin? Is there something like tipp-ex but not tipp-ex that doesn’t have the dead fish and dead tree dangerous-to-nature warning label on the back? Is there a more eco-friendly washing powder I could be using? How about eco-friendly make-up? Toilet cleaner?

Looking after the planet is important – I don’t think about it as saving the world, it’s more common sense really. It doesn’t make sense to poison our water with bleach and weedkiller and washing up liquid, because we live where that water is, and the land is always going to be a part of us.

One way I like to help make a difference – a little baby way – is pop on over to Care2 (linky link here) and participate in their click to donate campaign. As far as I understand it, their sponsors will donate money towards whatever cause you click on, whether that’s offsetting carbon emissions, saving rainforest habitats or helping homeless pets in America (you can click to donate if you are not American, do not worry). I think it’s pretty snazzy.

Other than that, I get my green on by using eco-friendly cleaning products, recycling everything I can get my hands on, trying to buy seasonal veggies from my country and monthly donations to causes I care about.

Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na GREEN-MAN!