Summer Solstice is one of my favourite festivals. The other favourites include Beltaine, Spring Equinox, Imbolg, Winter Solstice, Samhain, Autumn Equinox and Lammas. Woohoo!

Today, it is muchos cloudy, with the expectation of rain. Well. it can’t be all sunny all the time.

At the weekend I changed my altar for the Summer Solstice. Midsummer is the season of water for me, as even though it’s the warmest time of year (usually – I think that was Beltaine for us this year, phew!) it’s also the time of year where you chill out, look at the stars, sit in hammocks sipping smoothie (ideally) and hang out at rivers and seasides. It always makes me think of water and being thirsty – shimmering heat hazes, juicy green leaves everywhere, and hoola hooping in the park.

So my altar is reflecting that with some sea goodness, and some tasty roses in pink and red. I try to make an excuse to put pink and red into all seasons, as they are my favourite, but I think they fit most appropriately with today. The roses are fake flowers I wear in my hair when tribal dancing. I don’t use an altar cloth, as 1, it would get very dusty and difficult to clean and 2, I will not get round to cleaning it enough. I am not one of nature’s housewives, so wipe clean surface is fine with me.

So today will see me working through my almighty to-do list, dragging superman out for an adventure walk through the ghetto-woods (local slightly dodgy woodlands) painting midsummer mermaids and sneaking a bit of faery witchcraft here and there.

Happy Solstice!