It’s funny how there are so many positive thinking/you can change your life/law of attraction/wicca 101/self help bestseller books out there all with exactly the same theme and information in it?

And isn’t it funny that one person who is into that kind of stuff will probably own or have read about 5 – 10 of those exactly the same books?

We aren’t that smart really. I have a big theory about being smart, and about school/university in particular. The stuff we learn in school is utterly utterly useless in the real world, unless you stay in academia your whole life, as knowing stuff in your brain doesn’t mean you know how to use it and can apply it to your actual, non-written word life.

It’s the same with books. It’s so much easier to read stuff and put it in our brains instead of translating what is in our brains into real life. I reckon that’s why there are so many variations of the-law-of-attraction books out there, because peeps read it, like it, and don’t use it because using it takes effort, and read another book because they like it and hope that this one will have a magic no effort formula.

Dude, I am totally totally guilty of this nonsense. You don’t want to know how many wicca 101 books I have stacked up under my stairs, and how many sabbats and esbats and what have you I have totally totally forgotten.

So it’s time to start reading and taking action folks. I’m pulling my action face as we speak.

yes, this is my action face

yes, this is my action face