Ooof. My tummy is full of halloumi and pasta, and for this reason it is a great time to write  blog posts.

We are on Day 4 of the Month of Witchery (woohoo!!! that’s 4/31) and, so far, we are still going strong. Team Faeriedaughter!

My project is very un-structured – there is no set thing I have to do this month, and no set daily witchy activity hour or schedule. I’m trying to make it as easy on myself as possible, as I know me and structure don’t often blend very well (ie. I ignore it) and I want to get excited about doing witchy things, and excitement in this case comes from choice.

So here is my lowdown of the month’s beginning. Thus far. And there has been muchos learning on days 3 & 4 too. Though hopefully, not all days will result in such a hmuge chunk of text.

DAY ONE – In Which Faeriedaughter is Muchos  Muchos Busy

Mondays are packed days – this Monday, I was doing a full day at work and I was teaching dance in the evening, so I left the house at 7:30am and got back at 9:30pm. So not a lot of time alone for witchy stuff, or so you’d think.

In my little break between work and teaching, I went and hung out in Waterstones, because bookshops are the best. I have actually read entire books in Waterstones, cover to cover, without being discovered. Mua ha ha ha. Anyway, on this Monday, not only did I find a book that was a serious study on the philosophies embedded in the slutty vampire TV series True Blood (really, I did, I’m not kidding) I saw a book in the spiritual section called Fuck It. Or, F**k it, as I’m not sure that you are allowed to swear on book covers. Basically, it’s about practicing non-attatchment to stuff and thereby chillin’ through life by saying Fuck it. Scared to go for that job interview? Meh, fuck it and do it anyway. Worried that your partner isn’t The One? Ah, fuck it, if he’s not you can always find The One later.

It’s also very very funny and I had to stop reading it after a while because I was sniggering too loudly and inelegantly and other people were giving me indignant looks.

I liked it, and I liked the theory. So, on my way to class, I realised I didn’t have my class CD with me. After a little while of stressing I thought, fuck it, I have my mp3 player, let’s locate appropriate songs. So I found them, checked the battery life (3/4 full, hooray) and went to class, plugged it into the sound system and discovered that the battery was now, inexplicably, dead. I stressed some more. Then I thought, fuck it, and asked my students if any of them had an mp3 player on them, as all my plans had backfired. So we spent the lesson learning to Rhianna and Lady Gaga and Jay Z, and surprisingly it was lot of fun. Woohoo!

That was my spiritual lesson for the day – and thus I hereby declare August the Month of Fucking It.

Back home, Superman cooked us dinner (I say dinner – I mean mmmmm cheese) and had a witchy purifying shower as inspired by T Thorn Coyle, a Feri author. Woohoo! Mission accomplished.

DAY TWO – In which felafels are made and they tarot cards come out

Today’s plan was to gather info. I wanted to find all the cool witchy things that I wanted to do this month. So far, this includes:

  •  making incense
  • making a witchy facial scrub
  • doing lots of T Thorn Coyle-y things
  • and muchos muchos Franchesca de Grandis stuff
  • more tarot learning, and doing some skype tarot for peeps (interested?)
  • mindful yoga
  • meditating
  • re-reading Fiona Horne, the lady who first got me into witchery
  • doing a Goddess Leonie e-course

After a further day of thought, those plans include making witchy bath salts and learning how to make a nut roast. Om nom nom.

I spent some quality time at my altar this morning, making a new Goddess Candle (my altar candle which represents the goddess, which is usually Awesome Pink. However, I could not find an Awesome Pink candle in the shops so I opted for Awesome Green with Juicy Pink Ribbons) which lead to me getting purple glitter EVERYWHERE and doing my favourite method of prayer, Tarot Prayer, to get more info on what my Patron Goddess would like me to focus on. She likes the idea of me doing exercise to build up my back muscles, as I feel they could be stronger. I agree.

And yes, when I say glitter everywhere, I mean my altar, the carpet, my book shelf, the bathroom door, all of me, and Superman is now sparkly. Still.