It is not easy sneaking witchery into your daily schedule.

On Wednesday, I happily finished my candle-empowering ritual and did a bit of praying and meditating with my Patron Goddess.

On Thursday, a change of plans meant that after a full day of work my evening was taken up by a surprise date with Superman. Now, I shall never be one to say no to quality time with Superman, especially when I am being fed AMAZING Lebanese food, so my sneaked-in witchery came while I was waiting for Superman to pick me up after my cancelled dance class. I’d brought my current textbook, Be a Goddess! by Franchesca de Grandis with me, and I started week 11 right there in the community center garden – praying, visualising, grounding, all sorts.

Be a Goddess! is comprised of weekly lessons, and you are asked to treat them sacredly and ritualistically, praying, grounding and purifying yourself before starting them. I’m a bit of a scrimper on doing the Whole Hog normally – if it seems like a big effort rather than a fun effort, I’ll just put it off – but I am really seeing how not practicing stuff like meditation and energy sensing has really affected my focusing skills, and even simple stuff like breathing in energy takes FOREVER because I am crap at doing it, and half way through my mind will wander off and thing about dogs or what my hair would be like if it had pink streaks in it or what I could do tomorrow.

So I read my chapter, and finished it in the car watching burly men running backwards and forth carrying heavy things and flinging ropes around. ( I was an accidental onlooker at a strength training class. It looks TOUGH.)

Friday was even harder. I’d agreed to help Superman run circus workshops at a local festival, so we were up early and spent all day in the sun lugging stuff around and teaching kiddywinkles to hula hoop and juggle and do diablo and stuff.

We got back late, ate a lazy dinner and watched a film and went to bed – I am currently a tasty pink colour, and after being in the sun all day (I’m really not a full-sunshine girl) I was grumpy and knackard. Just before bed I squeezed in a quick purification ritual, before zonking out on Superman’s shoulder while he read a magazine.

I’m beginning to feel like I need a tiny bit of structure, just to make sure I fit something in. I love little morning prayers and rituals, but I am not really a morning person and on a work day, it’s literally GAHclothes-teeth-wherethefuckaremykeys-bagel-out the door. So I think tonight I will research that, and do a bit of meditating. And have a bath! Mmmm