I was at a bit of a loss what to get up to last night – I was super tired and after my bath to relax my sore muscles, I plopped in front of my altar and tried to pray or meditate or something. Which is not easy with my housemate BuddhaBear practicing his badass Guitar Hero skillz in the other room. So after a bit, I gave up, and looked out the window.

It was a starry sky, cloudless, and warm enough to wander around in the garden in just my jim-jams and my dressing gown, so I grabbed my yoga mat and went outside to gaze at the heavens and listen to the quietly drunk people making their way home past our house.

BuddhaBear came outside too, with his night-time bowl of Kelloggs Crunchy Nut, and we did some thinking. Can we see more of the galaxy at one time of the year than the other? How big are satellites, and how do they get them up there? I wonder what people on other planets look like? If I was an astronaut, would I have spent my childhood looking at space going, “Dammit, one day I’m goin’ up there”?

Superman comes home at this point. His contribution to the astronaut discussion was “You know, I just heard a really interesting programme about the economy on Radio 4.”

We look at him.

He goes “Christ, I really am thirty.”