I am a sucker for “How to be a witch” books. I skim through em’ and snaffle up the new stuff, the different perspectives, and the funny bits.

My latest bookshop stealth-read has been Azrael Arynn K and Amber K’s book How to Become a Witch.

It had all the essential words in the title. I was gone, baby.

After some skimming, I came across something I’d never seen before in a beginner’s witch book, and something I thought was very wise. So wise, in fact, I had never thought of it myself.

The authors wrote a chapter on encouraging you to find your role of service to the witchy community, your wiccan job title as it were, because y’know, we can only have so many aspiring high priestesses.

I loved the fact that the authors provided fabulous non-priestess, non-coven possibilities for witches who wanted to do something for witchcraft and the Gods. I remember being a beginner witch, when being a Proper Witch seemed to mean heading a coven. I think saying from the word go that you don’t have to be a high priestess, and that there are other viable options out there is glorious. GLORIOUS I tell you.

I love the concept of your priestesshood or service to the gods being something that is not overtly witchy. This is a big thing in Franchesca de Grandis’ teachings, and something that resonates with me deeply. Since we are a part of a spirituality that embraces the world and everything in it as sacred, it’s totally appropriate to be a sacred child-carer, or a sacred investment banker, a sacred shopkeeper, or a sacred veterinarian.

Witches, Goddess-Peeps, Pagans All!

Your Spirituality Needs YOU!!!

We need your beautiful gifts, your witchy talents and your love of spirit!

We have positions open for:

  • sacred priests, to guide and teach us witchy ways
  • sacred artists, to paint the Goddess for the world to see
  • sacred writers, to inspire us and reach out to new witches
  • sacred tool makers and costumiers, to create the instruments of our path
  • sacred herbalists, to teach and provide healing herbs
  • sacred shopkeepers, to provide us with our witchy essentials
  • sacred psychics and readers, to counsel and reassure
  • sacred ecological activists, to fight for our sacred planet
  • sacred political activists, to change our world for the better
  • sacred gardeners, to tend our sacred earth with reverence
  • sacred healers, to bring health and sanctuary to all the Goddess’ children
  • sacred movement, nutrition and self-care teachers, to heal society’s hatred of our bodies
  • sacred counselors, to help people overcome their issues

Can you think of any other witchy professions of service that should be included on the list? Pop em’ in the comments!