As a means to sneak as much spiritual stuff into this month as possible, I’ve been listening to spiritual podcasts while doing housework. I have a couple of angel related ones on my iTunes, and they got me thinking about angels again.

I go round in phases with angels – sometimes I connect with angels, sometimes I forget, sometimes I think the concept is a load of pants, sometimes I think it’s great.

The witchy world seems a bit divided on it. Some witches happily connect with them as a daily thing. Other think that that since they are mainly biblical they have no place in the craft. The witchy/angel stereotypes fall thus: one that likes angels and likes to believe that the spiritual world is one of love and peace and awesomeness only, and another that thinks angels are a load of crap and are keen to make people aware that the spiritual world is not all puppies and rainbows, no matter how nice that might be. And then the third – if it’s Biblical in any way, it’s bollocks.

I love the idea of angels, but I find it a bit arrogant sometimes: having spent my life reading up on faeries, who tend not to want to have anything to do with us unless there is something in it for them, it seems a bit weird that there are these co-dependant angelic beings kicking around me whose sole purpose is to help me find my keys, find good parking spaces and keep me out of trouble. Why do they care about me that much? Is it just humans that have angels? Do animals and plants get angels too?

(And how much does it say about our culture that if something is interested in us we are automatically suspicous?)

Whenever I have worked with angels, it seems to make things less stressful. For example, at the cinema on Tuesday Superman lost his parking ticket, and after stressing out emptying bags for a bit I asked the angels to help us, and we found it quick-sharp and dodged a £20 fine. Another one – we were running late for a gig a while back (my fault – I take ages to put on my false eyelashes) and after asking the angels to get us there for a specific (and very optimistic) time, we got there bang on the clock. Zing!

My life always seems to run a bit smoother when I ask for angel help, or a bit happier if I ask for angel support in something I am up to. My Goddess-view is pretty interconnected, so in my brain if angels are anything, they are a part-aspect of the loving helpful god we can relate to and ask for help with stuff and usually expect help from in return – as ever, it’s just a way of plugging into the source without feeling that we are wasting the source’s time. I don’t tend to have anything to do with the so-called Archangels, as it’s all pretty biblical and they seem quite deityish, and I’m not really sure how to deal with that.

But, lets be honest, the archangels have some of the sexiest names ever. Raziel, Raphael, Metatron, Azrael – raaagh, sends shivers down my spine. The Abrahamic/Judaic religions knew how to name stuff, that’s for sure.

My experiences with angels have always been good – But lets be honest, the archangels have some of the sexiest names ever.